[ThrowDown 2019]

Competition Rules


There are only 15 spots open for the competition. ALL entries are first come first served. We will send your team a “Welcome to the The ThrowDown” email as soon as you qualify for the competition.  

Competition Rules & Regulations  

  • Dancers must be between 8 to 29 years old 
  • Teams of all skill levels are welcome 
  • All teams have to be 5 or more individuals  
  • If your team is affiliated with a school, community organization or dance academy/studio, they must be identified on the registration form 
  • If you are not affiliated with a community organization, school or dance company, an individual over 18 years of age must sign off on your team registration 
  • Sets must be between 3:00 – 3:30 minutes. (Teams will be asked to adjust the mix until it meets requirements). 2 points will be deducted off final average score as penalty for late submission, being under or going over the allotted time
  • Inappropriate gestures are not allowed and will result in the competing team losing 5 points per judge  


Performances, Choreography & Music   

  • Teams are invited to creatively incorporate themes through costume, music and dance 
  • Mixes must have sound for a minimum of 2:30. When your music hits 3:30, it will be shut off. Music limits do not include your entry on and off of the stage. We will not be allowing extensive prop and set changes. Swearing will not be tolerated in your music selection and your set must be suitable for all audiences. 
  • Choreography must be original. Keep it tasteful, and again, suitable for all audiences 
  • The order of performances will be released one week before the competition. It will be determined by a random draw 


Judging Criteria 

Choreography             35%     (Arrangements & concept, difficulty, unique and creative moves)

Execution                     30%     (Timing, synchronization, cleanliness)

Presentation                15%     (Costumes, stage presence, attitude, appropriateness)

Musicality                     10%     (Originality of mix, interpretation of music & rhythm)

Overall                          10%     (Entertainment value and crowd appeal)

There will be a panel of 3 judges. After each performance, 1-2 judges selected at random will provide immediate feedback. 



  • 1ST PLACE | $1000 + Trophy + Medals  
  • 2ND PLACE | Trophy + Certificate  
  • 3RD PLACE | Certificate  
  • Best Choreography | Certificate  
  • Best Costume | Certificate
  • StandOut Performer (2) | Certificate + Gift Bag